The ship admiral raddus has is a mon calamari mc75 cruiser but home one is mc80 and the mc75 is made for poler areas. Tags: c3po, mon-calamari, death-star, its-a-trap, admiral-ackbar Goals Check out some new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Figures coming from Hasbro.Screen Rant shared the news, giving us our first look at the upcoming items. Recent sales price provided by the seller. Origin DL44Jo, Darth Basin, Gigoran Monk and 1 other person like this. Admiral Raddus is the Star Wars’ universe’s Winston Churchill, a gruff, jowly military leader who supports the heroes in their mission to steal the Death Star plans. Rebellion Era: Cal Kestis | Eeth Koth | Ezra Bridger | Kanan Jarrus | Luke Skywalker | Obi-Wan Kenobi | Yoda Allies: Hobby “Rogue One, may the Force be with you.” –Admiral Raddus, Rogue One. There may very well have been Imperial interrogators pressing survivors of Scarif for information some place else during the events we see on film, but if those Rebels only held out for a day or two, that might've been enough. Military alien. Sadly, Raddus didn’t live to see this happen, as he was killed when the Profundity was destroyed at Scarif. My thinking is that after seeing the Tantive IV jump into hyperspace, Vader pretty much legs it back to his shuttle, hops on over to the Devastator and sets off in pursuit.Now, whether they jump straight to Tatooine or whether there's a hunt through a number of systems, it's at most a few hours until ANH starts, and then a couple more until Vader arrives on the Death Star. Sadly, Raddus didn’t live to see this happen, as he was killed when the Profundity was destroyed at Scarif. ), the MC75 is a general all-arounder that can throw death from whatever 2 arcs you line up on target (at the cost of not having strong defense tokens! Afterwards, Raddus was about to jump to hyperspace with the transmitted plans, but Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer, the Devastator, suddenly came out of hyperspace, and Vader and his troops disabled and boarded Raddus’ ship in an attempt to retrieve the plans. Resistance Era: Also many says that he died because he is replaced by Admiral Ackbar,He is too old for the rebel alliance to lead,Maybe he retired to rest. Gruff or no, Raddus was not devoid of love or compassion, and offered a sad, farewell blessing to Rogue One as the last of them died: “Rogue One, may the Force be with you!”. To gain the Death Star plans from the planet Scarif so the Death Star can be destroyed Many years after Raddus’ death, the name of the esteemed admiral was used by the Resistance for their own flagship. 501st Legion | Clone Commandos | Clone Force 99 | Clone Trooper Sergeants | Delta Squad | Senate Guards Going into #2 a little but it's not like Vader had all the time to take over the whole Profundity, which could take day's if not a week or two if rebels held out in key area's of the ship. Why wouldn't raddus have done that? The vessel gained the moniker Raddus upon its entry into the service of the Resistance, when Admiral Gial Ackbar petitioned to rename it in honor of the famed Admiral Raddus, who had died in service of the Alliance at the Battle of Scarif after defying the Rebel Alliance's political leaders and choosing to fight against seemingly insurmountable odds. He was sparse with pleasantries and was happy to flaunt his polar region race’s hardy, thick-blooded reputation. This sometimes lead to friction with his fellow officers in the Rebellion, including Ackbar, who at the time saw Raddus as too improvisational and aggressive. Friends/Allies In einem Gastbeitrag zu Star Wars Armada von Fantasy Flight Games wird Admiral Raddus vorgestellt, der Befehlshaber der Rebellenflotte aus Rogue One. An outspoken and militant leader of one of the many rebel cells, Raddus could be considered blunt and brash, his practical nature leading him to dislike the petty politics that had kept the various rebel cells divided. From the book I got the sense that the Profundity was about to blow up. But, one takeaway from the screening was the impression left by the new character Admiral Raddus. Amilyn Holdo | BB-8 | C-3P0 | Chewbacca | Ewoks | Finn | Gial Ackbar | Han Solo | Iden Versio | Jarek Yeager | Kazuda Xiono | Lando Calrissian | Leia Organa | Luke Skywalker | Maz Kanata | Nien Nunb | Poe Dameron | R2-D2 | Rey | Rose Tico | Sidon Ithano | Torra Doza | Wedge Antilles | Wicket W. Warrick | Zorii Bliss, Mercenaries Doing a search on the character in the following days from watching the movie turned up the old, forgotten images of the character. Legacy. Type of Hero Military leadership 3. But raddus is a poler calamari making him no way near related to ackbar ... How many rebel ships were at Eadu, compared to the Death Star run? Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bodhi Rook, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Caitken, Shollan, Rogue One as a whole Occupation New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I think he survived.Probable reason is nearly all of the rebel soldiers and crew has been escaped before Vader's shuttle arrive,I think the rebel soldier and crew use a U wing,X wing,Correllian Corvette,Blockade Runner and many other star fighter and spaceship,although the Profundity is disabled its hangar and star port is still open that make them escape. They found the Death Star plans. Full Name Just like Red Five inevitably died to make room for Luke in The Battle of Yavin. because he's not sure they can pull it off. He aint leaving no prisoners alive on the Profundity. 7. Powers/Skills They have to transmit them from the communications tower. At the climax of Rogue One, three storylines are playing out simultaneously. 2. Do-Gooder Would have killed vader and the 501st. Think how pissed Vader was at the end when the Tantive escapes. What Admiral Raddus said in Rogue One really got to me General Discussion At the end of Rogue One right as the Death Star appears and fires on the base on Scarif the camera goes to Admiral Raddus in his ship and he says, "Rogue One, may the Force be with you" and closes his eyes to let out a brief sigh before order the fleet to flee . Ahsoka Tano | Alexsandr Kallus | Amilyn Holdo | Bail Organa | Baze Malbus | Bodhi Rook | C-3P0 | C1-10P | Cassian Andor | Cham Syndulla | Chewbacca | Chirrut Îmwe | Enfys Nest | Ewoks | Ezra Bridger | Fenn Ray | Galen Erso | Garazeb Orrelios | Gial Ackbar | Gregor | Han Solo | Hera Syndulla | Hondo Ohnaka | Iden Versio | Jarek Yeager | Jyn Erso | K-2SO | Kanan Jarrus | Lando Calrissian | Leia Organa | Luke Skywalker | Lux Bonteri | Mon Mothma | Nien Nunb | Obi-Wan Kenobi | R2-D2 | Raddus | Rex | Ryder Azadi | Sabine Wren | Sana Starros | Saw Gerrera | Ursa Wren | Wedge Antilles | Wicket W. Warrick | Wolffe, New Republic/Resistance Once the main characters escape on a corvette and the boarders reach the bridged doors the captain blows her own ship up, taking the boarding party with them. It's the only way they're gonna get them through. Raddus was a gruff, hardy, thick-blooded Mon Cala who was notorious for being more intimidating than polite to people. He is famous for helping Rogue One squad in their hour of need when they were stealing the plans to the first Death Star from an Imperial base on the planet Scarif. As the admiral of the Rebel fleet at the Battle of Scarif, Raddus's command ensured the successful theft and transmission of the Death Star plans, ultimately leading to the Alliance victory at the Battle of Yavin. Vader only had a landing party at the time with prolly 3,000 more rebels inside and only i'd say 50-100 troopers. Also a single star destroyer can't destroy a whole fleet of starfighter and starship it might use a hyperspace used of Tantive IV. He is best known in historical records for his actions in the Battle of Endor, playing a key role in the destruction of the second Death Star. Like many Mon Calamari buildings, the tower was converted into a ship and was part of the exodus fleet that departed from the Mon Calamari homeworld under command of Raddus, the city's mayor. The brave admiral perishes in the battle. Deff possible for some of his crew to repair his engine's, the Profundity was almost as large as the Devastator it would of taken a while to, 1. Lego Star Wars Mini Figure - Admiral Ackbar (Approximately 45mm / 1.8 Inch Tall) LEGO Yoda Star Wars minifigure - Yoda Chronicles Clone Wars 75017 LEGO Star Wars Death Star Minifigure - Luke Skywalker with Lightsaber Mouth Closed (75159) Admiral Raddus is a character featured in the Star Wars movie Rogue One. Was: Original price US $40.00. That would also have solved your issue. You're assuming a lot there. When Pablo was asked this he posted a picture of a plate of calamari. Admiral Raddus : This is Admiral Raddus, Rogue One. He ded. I still get the feels when Admiral Raddus looks at Death star blast near the Scarrif citadel and says, "Rogue One, may the force be with you". NEXT: Rogue One Is Still The Best Star Wars Movie Of The Disney Era that being said, someone just broke hi wrist and called him cute at the same time. In Rogue One, the Rebel fleet supporting Jyn Erso's team in the Battle of Scarif is led by Admiral Raddus, a Mon Calamari member of the Rebel Alliance. Family The Liberty is a laser death beam FORWARDS that can take Gunnery Teams and fire on two ships with a great front arc or put out great HIE damage (at the cost of being the least survivable! Asajj Ventress | Bo-Katan Kryze | Cham Syndulla | Chewbacca | Cut Lawquane | Fenn Rau | Galen Erso | Gial Ackbar | Gregar Typho | Hondo Ohnaka | Julia | King Katuunko | Korkie Kryze | Lux Bonteri | Mon Calamari | Quarsh Panaka | Ric Olié | Roos Tarpal | Satine Kryze | Saw Gerrera | Soniee | Steela Gerrera | Sugi | Tee Watt Kaa | Ursa Wren | Wag Too The 501st had fish sticks for dinner that night. Maybe, but I thought about this earlier, depending on the exact timeline, they might not have gotten around to that. Admiral Raddus vs Death Star 2013 Star Wars Galactic Files Auto Sketch Card 1/1.