5. 0000012018 00000 n 0000002865 00000 n 0000338078 00000 n 0000004802 00000 n Explore the Forth & Clyde Canal. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. /Prev 760881 0000362431 00000 n 0000332313 00000 n To find out more about the different holiday options available, please use our interactive UK Canal Map below. 0000014197 00000 n The dimensions allow Northern European boats to make a journey similar to Scotland's other coast to coast canal, the Caledonian Canal. 0000390577 00000 n Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. 0000327612 00000 n Many are linked by rivers and may require a specific license in order to use them. Scottish Canals’ primary responsibilities are: 1. to maintain Scotland’s 137 mile canal network, comprising the Caledonian, Crinan, Forth & Clyde, Union and Monkland canals 2. to act as navigation authority for the canals and four lochs in the Great Glen, which are linked to form the Caledonian CanalThe canals are Scheduled Ancient Monuments and there are 22 Sites of Special Scientific Interest on or within 500m of a canal. The Forth & Clyde Canal and Union Canal, the Scottish Lowland Canals The reopening of these deep and wide Scottish Lowland Canals recreated a 69 mile waterway route running from City to City and Sea to Sea. 0000331885 00000 n Zoom into the map using your mouse or the map controls, view the roads or as a satellite map, or combine together for a hybrid view. Scottish Canals is … endobj 0000007895 00000 n 0000013491 00000 n /N 2 View the map On an Android or iPhone device you can view it using the Google Maps app. These privately-owned vessels are moored at Chaumont, France. /Size 133 0000357342 00000 n 0000640907 00000 n /Filter /FlateDecode 0000341816 00000 n %PDF-1.4 /H [ 2487 378 ] Or click 'View list' for a full list of our canals and rivers. 0000343431 00000 n 0000329048 00000 n UK Canal Map. Canal Map. The second main canal, the Union Canal… If you have always dreamed of navigating your way around distant isles and canals, being a sea captain or gliding gracefully across a misty loch, a sailing holiday in Scotland is for you. 0000005581 00000 n 0000012785 00000 n 0000328348 00000 n This canal was nearly closed but thanks to a heavy reconstruction effort in the 1970’s, you can still enjoy this pleasant waterway. 0000006405 00000 n 0000390386 00000 n /T 760892 Scotland has a boating holiday for everyone, from novice sailors to experienced skippers. St. Peter’s Canal, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia St. Peter’s Canal is a gateway to the Atlantic Ocean from the lower eastern corner of Cape Breton’s brackish Bras D’Or Lake. >> >> 0000331354 00000 n 0000014549 00000 n £19.95 Million Improvement Works Get Underway Across Scotland's Canals. 0000390788 00000 n 0000325143 00000 n The Union Canal is closed following a significant breach between Polmont and Muiravonside, caused by heavy rainfall overnight. You can catch a ferry ride seven days a week. 0000327235 00000 n The 800-metre-long canal began construction in 1854 across the narrow isthmus between to the two bodies of water to allow shipping access to inland Cape Breton. 1. The Forth and Clyde Canal opened in 1790 and allowed ships to sail the 35 miles between the Clyde at Glasgow to the Forth at Grangemouth. Ashton Canal. There are 54 waterways shown on this map; canals are in blue, rivers are in red. Scotland's lochs and smaller lochans, often known as 'lakes' in other countries, are a sparkling feature of the landscape and you'll find over 30,000 across the country. Union Canal. 0000366057 00000 n 0000002430 00000 n %���� 0000357782 00000 n 0000013844 00000 n Download Google Maps from the Play store or iStore – then click the button to view the map…. During these unprecedented times, the safety of our customers, volunteers, partners and staff is our top priority. 0000336240 00000 n The canal runs some 60 miles (97 km) from northeast to southwest and reaches 106 feet above sea level. Please note … 0000334401 00000 n 0000391144 00000 n The Modern Rly layer is based on OpenStreetMap data. 0000334773 00000 n 132 0 obj The map itself is powered by the Google Maps API, and Google renders the map images and serves them to your browser. 0000335149 00000 n 0000330976 00000 n 0000324040 00000 n /ID [] French Waterway Depths, Heights and Width… In the pre-railway era the Central Belt of Scotland had two main canals. 0000388140 00000 n /E 640989 A fantastic day out with a difference and accessible to everyone! En route they negotiated 40 locks and 32 swing bridges. 0000341439 00000 n Explore boat bases, places of interest and canal features using our interactive Google Map. /Info 34 0 R /Pages 33 0 R 0000332863 00000 n The £19.95m capital investment from Scottish Government will see major works and essential upgrades take place throughout the canal network, safeguarding the heritage assets for the future. 0000338824 00000 n endobj 0000339571 00000 n Following a breach on the Union Canal near Linlithgow on 12th August 2020, Scottish Canals have prioritised a programme of works to build resilience…, Scottish Canals has entered an historic partnership agreement with Official Magnet Fishing Scotland, the new national body for the activity who will support new…. 0000002487 00000 n 0000340317 00000 n << Canal Works & Updates. £19.95 Million Improvement Works Get Underway Across Scotland's Canals. 0000342195 00000 n The river Shannon and the connected lakes of the Shannon-Erne Waterway are the main cruising waters, connected to Dublin and to the Barrow Navigation via the Grand Canal.