We have tired every aftermarket piston made, the new style OEM Polaris perform better then any other piston..Cylinder Update - As of 10/2015 all cylinders have our new state-of-the-art HG7 Finish. (2015 Polaris RMK 800 cfi2, stock made 146hp on that dyno) #TARP816 Piston kit with billet head $1299.95 cdn. Please be aware of "CLAIMS" that the OEM cylinders are over-sized from the factory!! #TARP818 2011-2016 Axys Polaris 800. We have measured 100's of these cylinders and NONE of them have been out of spec! The RK Tek Line of Customs Pistons are VERY Unique... ALL pistons are designed from a blank sheet of paper and uses only the highest quality of components. CORE (CHARGE IS REFUNDED WHEN WE GET THE CORE). MCB Stage 1 Polaris AXYS 850 2017-2020 Piston Kit Top End Rebuild Kit with Cylinder ... OR and I use MCB pistons as an OEM replacement in most of my customers' engines and have very good luck with the product. We have found it common to see the piston to cylinder wall clearance DOUBLE in less than 1000 miles.. Speedwerx Standard Lightweight and L2 Series Mufflers for the Polaris 850 are now available! WE DO NOT WARRANTY PISTON FAILURE Warranty will not cover bent connecting rods due to a piston failure or damage incurred after the connecting rod is bent. Polaris 15-19 Axys 800 Fix Kit Sp1 Pistons Gasket Cylinder Crank Rush Pro X . Find Parts Fast. Shop online for OEM Engine, Piston & Crankshaft All Options parts that fit your 2016 Polaris 800 AXYS PRO RMK/LE 163 ALL OPTIONS (S16ED8/EH8), search all our OEM Parts or call at (231)737-4542 LOOKING fine and MEASURING fine are 2 VERY different things.. You MUST MEASURE the piston in order to determine if the piston is "GOOD". Tell your friends, register today and help us build the best Polaris Snowmobiles site on the internet. I can install it for you as well(2 to 3 day turn around time) will need a core in return call or text 5193625455 for price FUEL (NOT COOLANT) is the #1 cooling agent for ANY Engine (important to remember) and this engine has none! NOTE: ALL pistons come with Rings, Wrist Pin, and Circlips! ... 600 Polaris Pistons. In other words.. your piston can LOOK perfect but MEASURE out of spec. Polaris AXYS 800HO Performance. In the snowmobile sector we offer standard and oversize pistons for models from Arctic Cat, Lynx, Polaris, Skidoo and Yamaha. This makes it possible to alter the base line calibration for a specific riders needs. BAR NONE! The OEM Polaris piston is 100% in spec and the proper size when new in the box! We have been designing our own pistons since 2005. We are focused on reliability and only use OEM pistons, our success rate with OEM pistons in the past is by far the best you can get. Polaris 2003-2005 Sportsman 600 Piston Ring Pair X2 2202366 New Oem 6000ft + 123-143 $ 450.00. You can share your rides, sleds and even use the classifieds. If you are ordering cheater heads, we will need to have your OEM heads to make the modifications. Long Rod 800 - 08-10 Dragon - 11-15 TMX motor conversion this is a complete redesigned long rod  Motor that comes with 3 - year warranty. The new AXYS piston is basically, the SAME piston with some added oil retention grooves on the exhaust upper skirt. There are also cooling upgrades performed. Our inspections show that the stock piston has several "short-comings" that can lead to failure. It is SOLELY related to excessive piston to cylinder wall clearance! NEW SP1 POLARIS 800 AXYS Pistons Gaskets 2015-2019 RMK Pro Rush SKS Titan RMK - $417.60. THIS is the #1 reason behind these cylinder failures associated with the Polaris Engine!! #TARP819 2008-2010 Polaris 800. ______________________________________________________________________________________. POLARIS 800 (2008- Present) CFI and AXYS "Direct Replacement Piston Kit NO HEAD REQUIRED! Polaris 800 Cfi Stock Top End Rebuild Kit 13-16 Cylinder Wiseco Pistons Rmk. Polaris Pistons & Piston Rings. Have no worries.. HELP is finally here for the 800 Polaris CFI Engine! If you look at the pictures you can see some of the changes that have been made. These pistons are the BEST piston available on the market today! ($980us approx.) 15632 Graham St. Huntington Beach CA 92649. This kit features custom made Wiseco forged pistons. MCB Performance continues to be the leader in Powersports Engine components and is proud to be Premier Distributor of Genuine Wossner pistons. If for some reason your piston scuffs, breaks, melts or otherwise that is typically an issue with your oiling system or fuel system. Many people now know that the stock pistons are just too short and wear out too fast. PolarisStaPower – We are snowmobile enthusiasts supplying a community for you to ask tech and maintenance question on your Polaris snowmobiles. After some teardowns and inspection of MANY of the stock pistons. RK Tek sets itself apart from other performance shops by testing its products in the best lab in the world - the great outdoors. It is a widely held belief that the OEM pistons are too small from the factory and this is where the issues lie. NOTE: RKT Top end gasket kit is comprised of the Base Gasket, Y -Pipe Gasket, Exhaust Valve Gaskets (Non-HO ONLY), and Inner Compression O-rings. This is simply a sales "gimmick". Polaris 800 AXYS Cylinder Pistons Gaskets 2015-2019 RMK Pro Rush SKS Titan (Fits: Polaris Rush 800) $1,349.99. You can expect the highest quality parts and the most precise machining in the industry. Compression reduced and so is horsepower. You do NOT have to treat these pistons any different (in any way, shape or form) than your stock piston! Std Size. Add to Cart 2018-20 Polaris 800 Axys Single pipe Ceramic Coated Part # 132-134 $ 549.95. AXYS 800 Long Rod 5 Bearing Motor - Simply the best motor on the snow. BEST PART: NO AFTERMARKET PIPE, Fuel controller, OR anything else is needed! Recommended piston interval is now 5,000 miles / 10,000 plus touring miles. If you have any questionscall us anytime we're here to help. FOR SALE! We, purposely, designed this kit to perform using the components! NOTE: This is VERY important...These pistons have a VERY unique design criteria. People always state "I pulled my OEM pistons and they LOOKED fine and compression reading was still in spec! Polaris Patriot 850 Dual Ring Direct Replacement Pistons. SOME call this a "FIX KIT" NOTE: This is for a pair of pistons NOTE: ALL pistons come with Rings, Wrist Pin, and Circlips! 2015-2020 Polaris AXYS Chassis Left Side Panel (Red) Regular price $199 95 $199.95. This is a full top end kit for 2015-Current AXYS Polaris 800 snowmobile. Yes, that's right, RK Tek draws results from "real world" testing, 1245 Industrial Park Rd.Preston, ID  83263 Phone: 208-852-3221, Copyright © 2017 RK Tek - All Rights ReservedCreated by Mountain West Web Design. You will see great improvements in top end power and even more in the mid-range. For the development of our snowmobiles, we work with our partners in the Scandinavian countries as well as with pr MCB Stage 1 Polaris AXYS 850 2017-2020 Piston Kit Top End Rebuild Kit with Cylinder (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: GENUINE MCB Top end rebuild kit WITH OEM Polaris Cylinder. ______________________________________________________________________________________________. Each kit includes information sheets with info on how to properly break in your new top end. They require ZERO added "treatment"! Reset filters Available online only Complete kits only Hot Deals only Price ... PRO-X Cast Piston Kit Fits Polaris Starting from $120.99. So, when you hear that all these aftermarket kits have a tighter tolerance than the OEM.. it is simply NOT true! With the best cylinder finish in the industry our warranty does NOT cover pistons. Polaris IQ, PRO-RIDE, AXYS Dalton Adjustable Primary Weights 58-65.5g Regular price $129 99 $129.99 New B-PWR PRO-RIDE Chassis Performance Exhaust Trail Can 800/600 cc NEW Polaris 600R Race Sled. Yes, these fit the new HO Engine.No "gimmicks" that claim to address the issues but really do nothing. Our custom piston HOLDS its tolerances.. Can't say that for many of the other kits.. There are yet no reviews for this product. The truth is that the OEM piston's tolerances are in spec, they just don't stay there. We also have found that the ,annoying, low RPM vibration (handle-bar "death shake") is gone with the install of these pistons. Single Ring. For 2017, the AXYS-inspired design creates a 10” narrower sled body for better rider mobility and tighter cornering capabilities. Piston upgrade  - as of 3/24/15 all motors will come with the new updated OEM Polaris pistons. Note - Broken cylinder sleeves do not effect the core, if you have any question please call. We design the piston that should have been installed from the factory. Extra case welding charges do apply, starting from $125 - $350. OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. $52.91 shipping. Your core must be received within 20 days to receive full credit, there can be a $150 per day late charge after 15 days. FINDINGS: We find that the OEM Polaris Piston will NOT hold its form after a very short time of running. They have very a proprietary design that is unique to ALL of our pistons. NOTE: This will address the issues associated with the OEM pistons! $2199.99. Please do your research! This is a complete Durability Kit / Power Up kit for the Polaris 800 cfi models from 2008-2019, Including the AXYS which also needs it. 2019-2021 Polaris AXYS 850 Performance Products & Parts | Speedwerx, Inc. Speedwerx AXYS 850 ProCharger Supercharger Kit - 200+ HP on Pump Gas! Additional Information. There is NO problem with the sizing of the cylinders. Polaris 800 AXYS Cylinder Pistons Gaskets 2015-2019 RMK Pro Rush SKS Titan C $1,528.31 14 POLARIS RMK PRO 800 SILBER TURBO KIT INTAKE EXHAUST TURBOCHARGER RIDE -8412 1) The 600 Polaris Engine is a great engine!.. There is no RPM change with this kit. This kit fits 2015-Current Polaris 800 Axys Models. If you are looking to take it to the next level...Look for the 858 Big Bore Kit OR the DROP IN KIT, RK Tek is located in Preston, Idaho and is owned and operated by Kelsey and Rex (hence RK). Snow Warranty Disclaimer: Our warranty will cover any defect in assembly or manufacturing including entire bottom end and cylinder gussets. Remember this, VERY IMPORTANT, a compression check will tell you little to nothing about the health of your skirts. Polaris 800 Twin Engine Durability Kit | Fits 2008-2015 CFI-2/CFI-4 800 & 2015-2018 Axys 800 SKU: P800DK Parts Included: Custom Wiseco Pistons, Spacer, Bolts, Dowel Pins, Base Gasket Below is a little information regarding the issues with the OEM Piston. Please see below to learn more about our solution! (ALL) 2016-2017 Polaris 800 AXYS chassis sleds Pro-R / Pro-S / Switchback / Assualt. We have tired every aftermarket piston made, the new style OEM Polaris perform better then any other piston.. (We can repair just about anything.). This is a full top end kit that is essentially an install and go kind of kit. Reliability is NOT compromised in any way, shape, or form and the cost is VERY affordable. Wossner Pistons USA. Engine, Pistons, Gaskets Tracks Sled Rentals Orders & Shipping About Us Sign in; Create an Account ... 2015-2020 Polaris AXYS Chassis Right Side Panel (Red) Regular price $210 00 $210.00. 714-369-8547 or 714-369-8879 sales@wossnerpistons.com So, doing a compression check will not yield any relevant information regarding the health of your PISTON SKIRTS. The following filters are the attributes for SNOWMOBILE Pistons. We offer snowmobile parts and overbore kits for Arctic Cat, Polaris, … Our CUSTOM pistons (Direct replacement, Drop In, AND Big Bore) are CUSTOM designed! Polaris 600 Performance, polaris 600 axys, Speedwerx, snowmobile, polaris, axys 600. We have tired every aftermarket piston made, the new style OEM Polaris perform better then any other piston.. Cylinder update - as of 10/2015 all cylinders have our new state-or-the-art HG7 finish which increases ring and piston life. We, usually, end up altering MANY of the OEM piston's design aspects and "correct" the short-comings we feel are present. There IS a problem with the pistons . Sold Out. It is manufactured using high-quality … They are also lighter than the OEM Piston and that will help with the acceleration from a stop. Compression Adjustable Rebound Adjustable Dual Rate Spring set for the Riders Weight Custom Axis Shocks are hand built to order, lead times can vary. IT IS NOT due to a rod ratio error! 09-246 - OEM Style Piston Assembly, 08-newer Polaris 800. This is not a bad change but does very little to aid with the skirt collapse, extreme piston weight, and heavy ring drag. While we can not address ALL the issues we see with this engine we can address a very big one in the piston design.. and that is what we have done with this offering.
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