So the first part needs to be in the past tense: "I deposited a check in my account..." In the second part, you used a question form instead of a statement. Definition of pleasing the eye in the Idioms Dictionary. "Powerful" describes "summer sun" as a whole phrase. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. 4. Sentence examples for quite pleasing to the eye … We test how relative clause resolution interacts with linguistic factors and participant-level individual differences. The anatomy of the eye includes auxiliary structures, such as the bony eye socket and extraocular muscles, as well as the structures of the eye itself, such as the lens and the retina. click for more detailed English meaning, translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. “Into one ” is redundant because on combining departments we will automatically get one. Keep an eye on the noticeboards for forthcoming events . In … Can you keep a secret? The correct sentence would be- the innovations are startling. 2. Similar words: fall in love with, in line, online, cope with, live with, agree with, keep pace with, cooperate with. Keep the change. Found 233 sentences matching phrase "pleasing on the eye".Found in 35 ms. 6. Sentence examples for quite pleasing to the eye from inspiring English sources. You can stain the wood with this special liquid to give it a pleasing color: 27. How to use pleasing in a sentence. Particularly attractive to look at; aesthetically pleasing. Please move. I'm afraid I have eyes that are bigger than my _____. Words are simply romantic in a … The coloring looks good throughout, always vibrant and … 2. Example sentences with "pleasing on the eye", translation memory. This is more pleasing in appearance. Update: and using it in the sentence lol. The mother’s pleasing voice lulled her baby into a gentle sleep. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples exact ( 1 ) We just hit the App Store today, so do let us know what you think, for we exist solely to please your eyes and ears. The movie's special effects are certainly pleasing to the eye, but its woeful lack of a story makes it an absolute bore to endure. 3. ... "No, it's not pleasing to the eye" "She was pretty with pleasing personality" "That is an extremely pleasing result" "The latter is a well-known and still pleasing function" "The organ score accompanying the film sounds quite pleasing" Normally, you should put a comma between two complete sentences that are joined with a coordinating conjunction … Like a 100-meter sprinter, your sentences should start strong and finish even stronger. … 3. In the second sentence, reading is the subject. The comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a pause in a sentence or a separation of things in a list. The human brain is wired to look for patterns. The new innovations were startling. What does beautiful mean? Author Topic: Whom do you consider to be pleasing to the eye? Do you know if they’re going to buy a new house? Then give it wide eyes. How to use pleasing to the eye in a sentence. Your pleasing burden has made you melancholy: 25. pleasing to the ear/eye grato or agradable al oído/a la vista. Simple elegant pleasing to the eye: 22. If you can remove “they’re” from a sentence and substitute in the phrase “they are,” then you are using the contraction correctly. bustling - a crowded, busy place. Notes: To suggest an action that you will also take part in, use the first structure. Context sentences for "pleasing to the eye" in German. I ordered this cake, but it's too much. These 20 love sentences are not only true, they are also beautiful. A sentence is a group of words which starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop (. Another word for pleasing. Small, but perfectly formed and pleasing on the eye. pleasing definition: Something that is pleasing gives pleasure: . You are offline. to keep someone…. 2. which of the following sentence illustrate proper sentence struture? 2. Words and phrases with similar meanings: lively, fast-paced, hectic. You are offline. Sentence count:161+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-18Updated:2016-12-13. Nor was Massingbred himself less pleasing to her. Though the ice cream was pleasing to the taste, I’ll regret the weight it makes me gain. Last you a lifetime, and it' s pleasing on the eye. a. There are no criteria for judgment. keep an eye on someone/something definition: to watch someone or something or stay informed about the person’s behavior, esp. Describing something … feet your eyes. Watching a sappy movie might make you cry, but reading these love sentences will certainly make you swoon. I have not read The Bluest Eye, so I do not know who in the novel behaved in an insolent way. What does pleasing the eye expression mean? Another word for aesthetically pleasing. please the eye in a sentence - Use "please the eye" in a sentence 1. "Insolent" means rude and nasty, so think of that. Playing is good for maintaining the body in shape. Don’t blame me if you need a Costco-sized tissue box. I know the meaning, but I just don't know how to build a sentence using it. 2. Keep away from the dog. Combined Sentence: The two week old milk spoiled. In the first sentence, Ram is the subject. Question : Please select the correct sentence from the options below. Sample Sentences: Ram is an obedient boy. Today, you are a millionaire! The form of your sentence is and now [ I want to do something now]. 4 Answers. Please eat. Pleasing everybody is pleasing nobody. The result now thoroughly creosoted looks very pleasing: 23. Compound sentences and complex sentences have two or more clauses. Pensions should be increased annually in line with earnings or prices, whichever is the higher. Learn more. Please keep … Look up in Linguee; Suggest as a translation of "pleasing to the eye" ... Not only pleasing to the eye and touch, the design reduces minor injury potential when off … 2. The movie's special effects are certainly pleasing to the eye, but its woeful lack of a story makes it an absolute bore to endure. That's exactly what you have written after "I want to know". Having beauty; very pleasing to the eye, ear, mind, etc. Learn more. Eye color is created by the amount and type of pigment in your iris. Keep your eyes open. 5. d. "Shall be considered." In the third sentence, playing is the subject. ), question mark (?) Such was the pleasing program I figured out on shipboard. I think you hit the _____ when you made that investment. 3. pleasing to the public. Human eye, specialized sense organ in humans that is capable of receiving visual images, which are relayed to the brain. Rule #5: Use a Comma to Join Two Long Independent Clauses. She was very pleasing on the eyes. Annual … pleasing in a sentence. The surgeon also strives for a functional repair of the muscles and an aesthetically pleasing approximation of the skin edges. Pastel colours are restful to the eye. Find more ways to say pleasing, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. aesthetically pleasing - describes something that is nice to look at 183 were donated in December This month, we are on track to donate 188 home recent additions webmaster page banners feed a child Example sentence: Widnes is a boring place to live. A sentence contains or implies a predicate and a subject. Learn more. engaging your eyes. That's not right because you want to make … Walking down the street, my eyes were drawn to a diamond in a store window. The polite way to ask someone to move is to say “excuse me.”) Making Statements About the Past 7. Menu. Keep an eye on the baby. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Here are a few links I found that may help you with it. Find more ways to say aesthetically pleasing, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
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