Actually, Xi Ye has always envied Yan Ze for easily getting along with everyone while she has problems blending in because people tend to think she’s arrogant. Xin Liang said that if there was someone he thought that could give Yan Ze a peaceful life then it would be Ji Xiou. YanZe’s cousin, Yan Hai, is now married to his high-school crush, Liu Xi Chuan. She was so delighted. Ordinary high school student Yan Ze is secretly in love with her desk-mate Ji Xiao, who is not only the most handsome boy in school but also a top student. The teacher can’t believe how unruly they both are, the class president and the most intelligent in the class. Report This Episode To help maintain our system, we have to run popunder on player with very low frequency of 1 pop per 12 hour. Xiao Zhou was hoping to move the relationship further and become boyfriend and girlfriend but for some reason, this did not happen because Xiao Zhou was to possessive and had become paranoid that Xi Ye had seduced Xin Liang away from her. When Yan Ze was finally able to get to the hospital, her father stopped her from going in the room as her mother was in the middle of confession with the unconscious Xi Ye. Yanze is a disaster, I am not sure why Ji Xiao and Xin Liang liked her so much. But in the end, they tentatively made up. The driver though complaint that they have too much and that he was not a van. Their school is doing an exchange study from school abroad. Ji Xiou did not know what to do but just to give 20 RMB to the driver. Follow. The dean said that he never mentioned about the top 50 but since it became an urband legend then  Yan Ze be in the top 30 instead. Ini adalah serial C-Drama sekolahan romantis antara Yan Ze dan Ji Xiao. He followed her with cotton buds and tincture to clean up her bleeding leg into the washroom. But Yan Ze is neither particularly beautiful nor does she have a particularly good figure, and her grades are only so-so as well. (TV Series 2019– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Yan Ze was upset when she also noticed that Xi Ye and Xin Liang have received a lot as well. Ji Xiao said immediately that Yan Ze is not stupid. She was trying to be Yan Ze and she was trying to apologise. Ji Xiao noticing that she was down, asked if she likes apples. And yet it is precisely these qualities that make them so lovable, and more real. The school is a co-educational and they board at the school dormitory. Yan Ze woke up with Xin Liang already loitering outside her building. Ordinary high school student Yan Ze is secretly in love with her desk-mate Ji Xiao, who is not only the most handsome boy in school but also a top student. Yan Ze offered to go to the principal office to get her punishment but Ji Xiao stopped her at once. Both Yan Ze and Xi Ye were assigned as hosts. Xi Ye propelled a box in the shape of a heart to him saying “I like you.”. Just an Encore Just an Encore: Ep 1. Just an Encore (2019) menghabiskan biaya produksi sebesar tetapi pengeluaran ini sebanding bila di lihat dari keuntungan yang di hasilkan sebesar . When she had calm down a bit, she agreed to meet Ji Xiou to go shopping for the materials for the surpise for Ms Wang. Yan Ze was so annoyed she started eating one of the apples from Ji Xiao’s desk. Share Director: Ji Zheng Actor: chenxun dingyuxi jiangzhuojun zhudanni The story of the high school teenagers, They have experienced so many great and bad things, love, broken heart, happy, sad. He heard Xi Ye that she would tell the dean about her situation that her parents were both in prison and that she was adopted by Yan Ze’s family. This is a bittersweet episode. She asked him in turn, why he had not turned down Xi Ye if he was not really into her. Xi Ye went to find Yan Ze and dumped all Yan Ze script notebooks on the bed. Buy Just an Illusion - Encore (The Illusion Series) by Kelly, D. (ISBN: 9781732639447) from Amazon's Book Store. Xi Ye has a bit of a thing (crush) on Xin Liang so when Yan Ze told her to give the school jacket  back to Xin Liang because he said so, Xin Liang was rather excited. Xi Ye was so embarrassed, she left the box next to his jacket. Yan Ze had some nasty comments made about her online. She then runs into the party and crashed into the beautifully arranged wine plastic glasses. One day, there was a school presentation where Yan-Ze’s parents were sitting proudly to watch their daughter leading the school choir as a conductor. This was, of course, to enable her to compare the handwriting to the note she received and know who was her mystery person. They bought a lot and some kept falling off. This is very unfortunate because poor Xi Ye heard him and saw him still with his crossed fingers raised in swear. The mother was shaking her head looking at the father and daughter. Gu xi Ye and Ji Xiao and the rest of their team won and it was Yan Ze who had to give them their winning sashes. He telephoned her but she was not answering. Ji Xiao said that he likes literature and the people (giving her a quick look) who are going to study it. Let’s practice SOCIAL DISTANCING AND SELF-ISOLATION. Xin Liang overheard Yan Ze and Xi Ye talking about it at the dean’s office. Then he went to that scenic area overlooking the mountain where he finally found her. As it turns out, the two friends both secretly wish to become like the other. The next day, Yan Ze was erasing the board when another hand appeared to erase the top part of the board. She then added that Xin Liang was ok because he was a bit of tearaway. Keep up the hard … They ended up rolling on the watery ground, fighting. First thing, it was Xi Ye’s 18th birthday and Yan Ze’s parents gave her money to organise a birthday party for Xi Ye. And then just became he refused point-blank to agree to Xiao Zhou An’s unreasonable demand, she left without so much as a by your leave.

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