This episode comes off better because Jessica Lovejoy is actually quite a fascinating character; the reverend’s daughter who acts out because her parents are ignoring her desire to be her own, imperfect person. This is similar to ‘My Sister, My Sitter’ is the sense that the first act is really just a bunch of horrible things happening that serve to discredit Marge and Homer as parents. In that time, there have been so many classic episodes, but there have also been quite a number of duds—especially when you start looking at the later seasons. Probably the worst season 6 episode. Just like my ‘best of classic era‘ list, I’m defining the classic era as seasons 3-8. But where’s my laffs? We've counted down the Top 100 Episodes. The Homer-buffet subplot is fitfully amusing in parts and provides the first and possibly only mention of Captain McCallister’s name. 1 Posted on May 10, 2014 by Nicholas Hayes This wasn’t the easiest list to make, but limiting myself to the better, earlier seasons does mean that I have less to choose from and therefore less crap to wade through. Hell I don't even think it's the worst episode in Season 8. Episodes centred around Santa’s Little Helper don’t have a track-record of being particularly amusing. In the 2003 version, 21 members voted while in the 2006 version, 56 different members voted. This list takes a look at the worst episodes of The Simpsons ranked by your votes. Now, it's time to knock some of those Classic Era episodes off their pedestals. It’s telling a story and all good stories should be affective and engaging, no matter what genre. I actually think they handled the outlandish (although it's not THAT outlandish anymore) concept of Homer going to space very well. This episode is really quite painful to watch. Where’s my laffs? I decided to pierce my most hated Simpsons episode in … Also, not very funny. The escheresque "house" they managed to build was brilliant. Change ). This is a totally subjective and personal list: 'The Principle and the Pauper' is the single worst episode ever. wo Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons’. In the episode, Bart and Milhouse are banned from The Android's Dungeon after stopping Comic Book Guy from buying a box of priceless Star Wars memorabilia for $5. Definitely a favorite of season 5 for me. I was tossing up between either this episode or another Bart-solves-a-mystery-to-rectify-a-problem-he-initiated episode ‘The Day the Violence Died’ in this spot. A Star Is Burns is another very funny episode but the fact that it's basically a long advert for The Critic loses it a lot of integrity. We’ll be looking at Simpsons episodes that earned ire from professional critics, the fanbase, and even the cast and crew. The ‘revelation’ that her father was a steward seems especially tame these days and the fact that it’s seen as the chink in her psyche that must be repressed is just bizarre. You may be able to find the … Season 2: War Of The Simpsons. As a result, some of the show's greatest episodes were produced between … I find it fascinating to see what seasons 3-8 episodes people don't like. I put it much more eloquently (I hope) in their form, but basically, I think this episode is too dumb for the sake of a few "future" gags. I already know that’) and the finale that reinforces Maggie’s bond with Marge. We’ll also be considering how detrimental they were to the overall reputation of the show. Just seasons 3-8, what episodes do you dislike the most? The first act with the lottery is fun, but as a dog lover, I'm not really keen on an episode involving the dog nearly dying, then getting berated by the family, then getting brainwashed by Mr. Burns. Funny enough, I actually think "Lisa the Skeptic" is one of the better episodes of Season 9, but to each their own. The Simpsons had a lot to offer, even in the times people said it sucked. Heck, we've even counted down the Top 50 Post-Classic Episodes. Why does Bart say "They're finally paying me for this," referring to his job, on a day which is clearly not his first, to nobody in particular? ( Log Out /  Episode: "Treehouse of Horror XII" Year: 2001. Default! Generally, all of them rate ridiculously highly on the humour scale, and most of them have great production and integrity. Homer was in a Grammy winning band, with other Springfield residents, and throughout four seasons of interactions, NO ONE ever mentions it?

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